July 21, 2013

A Story of Boy Meets Girl

"You peck like a bird,"
he says disapprovingly, as he dips the toast,
all of his and most of hers, in the hot tea.
She quietly slips a square of toast into his plate.

It is not true that she has such a meagre appetite
or he such a large one, and they both know it.

But it is one part, a necessary part,
of the complex ritual of belonging,
this transfer of food from her plate to his.

July 13, 2013

Banana Pancakes

She is a self-confessed aficionado of home food.
He finds it funny the way she would draw this
gustatory boundary between self and alien,
between "home food" and "other people's food."

In their nuclear house, flavours have become code words.
The family beyond - parents, brothers, sisters, 
a snarl of cousins, uncle, aunts -
eat food that is subtly different.

Point mutations is masala,
Deletion in spices,
Translocation in flavours,
all these make for other people's food.

And to think that there was a time, when she didn't even know how to make tea !

The Life Uxorious