October 22, 2012

About a girl

Watching her, was one of his favourite occupations.
He would watch her as she walked around the house -
after her bath, when she would spread a towel on the floor, and sitting on it,
massage cream into her legs, sighing and humming as she did so.

He became a connoisseur of her body - transfixed, obsessed even;
He needed her company, her reassurance, her presence.
All day she was different, her numerous moods transforming her look,
and he followed them, indeed lived in them, as a child lived with its mother.

October 18, 2012

Anyone else but you

Wasn't it terrible that most of their energy was devoted not to doing things together,
but rather in devising ways so that they could have some time alone;
she doing the groceries so that he could go running in the park, or vice versa,
so that she could browse in a book-store and get her nails done ?

And wasn't it terrible, how much she looked forward to these moments,
so much so that even a ride by herself on the subway, was the best part of the day ?

And wasn't it terrible that after all the work one put into finding a person
to spend one's life with, even in spite of missing the person,
as she missed him night after night, that solitude was what one relished most,
the only thing that, even in fleeting, diminishing doses kept one sane ?

October 9, 2012


She remembers, as a child, her parents urging her to be polite,
and she wishes back for the time when good manners protected one
from the excesses of intimacy, when honesty was not romanticised.

October 8, 2012

Conversation III

People speak because there are things they don't want to hear;
They listen because there are things they don't want to say.

Certainly they both considered conversation a pleasure.
Sometimes they talked with their faces pressed together;
Sometimes with their backs to each other.
In fact they would go to bed early, so that they could talk.
They would take tea and wine to bed, lying there for hours,
going over each detail of their day, content in the knowledge
that they would wake up with one another.

October 5, 2012

Midnight all day

It had felt strange at first when they started falling asleep without sex,
not for lack of desire but because of the familiarity that was growing.
But then on some nights, she would feel him pressing up against her,
feel his breath and his lips on the back of her neck, his mouth finding hers.
He could be aloof in bed as he could be in general,
focusing on some part of her body to the point of seeming to forget her.
But that distance no longer threatens her.

And they say that the less one is capable of sex, the more one is capable of love !

October 3, 2012


She can be really tantalizing at times -
Almost aloof. Feline. Graceful.
Everything she does seems to have grace; some though, call it style.
Others say she knows who she is, and that she likes being herself.
Her doubts don't undermine her, but they do make her inaccessible at times.
He loves her with all his heart - but he is yet to find out exactly why.

October 2, 2012

Writer's Block

Recently, she had begun writing in bed, sometimes for fifteen minutes.
At other times, she lasted only five.
In the morning -  oh, her wasted will and the lost clarity of words in the morning -
she wrote standing up in her overcoat at the dining room table,
her bag packed, as he waited at the front door for her to finish.
That was the most she could do.
There were times when she felt badly like harming herself.
But self - mutilation was an inaccurate language.
After all, scars don't speak.

October 1, 2012

Uxorious Love

"Tell me something I don't know about you," he asks her.
She smiles her smile, and wonders how she can evade an answer.
To answer would be to admit that she had had a life without him -
a parallel life that she had lived before he even knew that she existed.
She loves him too much to make him feel as if she had two-timed him,
"I used to be fat as a kid," she says.
"What do you mean - you used to be ?" he jokes,
playfully digging into her stomach and ribs.