May 12, 2012


Strands of hair escape the loosely tied knot and
swing forward to frame her face with a gentle embrace.

Looking right into her eyes, he stretches his hand, and
gently tucks those escaped locks behind her ear.

A tender smile illuminates her face.
She inclines her head, letting the bottom of his palm
caress her cheek, with a tenderness that almost makes him weep,
and plants a grateful kiss on his outstretched wrist.

Aur woh puchti hai pyar kya hota hai.... pagli !

May 6, 2012

Echo and Narcissus

When you think of people you adore, there are usually moments you can choose -
afternoons, whole weeks, perhaps - when they are at their best,
when youth and wisdom, beauty and poise combine perfectly.

And as she sat at her desk humming and reading,
her face illuminated by the cheap reading light beside her,
a big jar of purple wild flowers on the top of a pile of library books,
he felt this was her ultimate moment of herselfness. could one not have loved her great still eyes ?

May 4, 2012


She wasn't a woman who would seem attractive straight on in a passport photo.
Hers was not a conventional beauty, with features exquisitely proportioned.
But she was lovely because her round face with the straight jet black hair,
which fell over her forehead and into her eyes, was open.
Her face was constantly in motion, and this was the source of her beauty,

Her face would register the slightest feeling, concealing nothing.
Sometimes she became childlike and you could see her at eight or sixteen or twenty three.
The different ages seem to coexist simultaneously, as if
she could move from age to age according to how she felt.
It was no wonder that he could sit for ages, content with looking at her herselfness.