January 25, 2012


She dreams dreams in colour and can even smell in her dreams.
She remembers every vivid detail, every little nuance of her dreams -
the arrangement of the rooms she moves through in her subconscious state,
the quality of the sunlight outside, the briskness of the wind;
the expressions on people's faces as they look at her, can sometimes make her weep.
So many mornings, she wakes up to find her pillow-slip wet with salty tears.
Her days and nights, dreams and real life are all interwoven in a delicate pattern;
without fail the first few moments of waking up set the tone for the rest of her day. 

January 18, 2012


The advent of cell phones, seems to have robbed her of her greatest pleasure.
She confides in him, that in spite of their closeness, she can never pick up his phone.
It seems almost an intrusion, a violation of his privacy.
She dreams about having an old land-line installed - it would be their phone.
She would dash to pick it up and say,
"Hello ! Yes, he is here.... Hold on"
'Aap ke liye phone hai !'

January 15, 2012


In the world she lives in, this is an unfashionable word.
Almost a taboo.
It's a badge of honor, that women especially, like to flaunt, this lack of expectations.
She was taught very early to throw all expectations out of the window.
"Don't be a parasite," she was often coached.
But in his case, she has made an exception.
She doesn't care if he lets her down or breaks her heart.
It is only with these expectations, can she love him.

- Rebirth

January 8, 2012


Year after year, she waits
nerves jangling every time her period is late.
But every time,
like a leaky tap,
she bleeds,
and she weeps,
but she never gives up.